The Action For Autistics Masterplan (AFAM) proposed in March 2021 a set of community-led solutions focusing on strategic issues especially those affecting adult autistics with low support needs. This often neglected group is seen as disabled yet not as needing support. Many of them could have made great contributions to the world and break the limitations of autism if only the right support and coaching are provided.

With the lifetime cost of autism estimated to be US$1.4 to 2.4 million per person, there is an urgent need to deploy strategic and unconventional solutions instead of sticking to existing unsustainable approaches that often ignore the Quality of Life.

The AFAM supports and works in partnership with the organisation-led Autism Enabling Masterplan (AEM) that focuses on the more general needs of the autism community. Just as the AEM focuses on the specific needs of the autism community to complement the Enabling Masterplan, the AFAM focuses on the specific needs of adult autistics with lower support needs to complement the AEM.


Eric was inspired by the Small but Mighty spirit – the same spirit behind the founding of modern Singapore. Eric aims to utilise the minimum resources to create the maximum impact for the autism community. The Whatsapp Autism Community of Singapore co-founded by Eric is one such example.

Eric does not wish to duplicate the good work of other existing organisations, initiatives and plans. Hence, Eric’s work is not about championing inclusion or forming disability organisations. Eric aims to enable autistics to participate as equal partners together with the community to create strategic change.

This masterplan is neither about charity nor profitability, neither about fixing autism nor being proud of autism, neither about disability nor diversity. This masterplan invites autistic people to come together as a race/culture (in the spirit of Neurodiversity and Neurotribes). This new narrative shall redefine the autistics’ collective relationship with the world, where they can support all Humanity to create a new era of peace and prosperity.


Note: The proposed NeuroDivergent Community Alliance (NDCA) of Singapore is on hold until Singapore is ready for Inclusive Equality.