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Eric gives feedback and suggestions on issues of strategic impact for the autism community that also impacts Singaporeans in general. Below are some examples:

Forum Page: Tailor mental health support to those with autism (13 Oct 2021)
Reply: Those with autism can seek help for mental health from several places (29 Oct 2021)

Forum Page: Support the low-income self-employed so they can take better care of themselves (17 Sep 2021)

Forum Page: Amend workfare scheme for better support (09 Sep 2021)

Forum Page: Offer study grants to those who break stereotypes and help others (02 Sep 2021)

Autism Enabling Masterplan (AEM): Participating in focus groups to help formulate the AEM (2020-2021)
What Happened: Various ideas such as the Enabling Academy were incorporated


Forum Page: Tripartite set-up will better help disabled community (04 Nov 2020)

Forum Page: Inclusivity about enabling all to participate equally in society (26 Oct 2020)

Forum Page: Set up eco-tourism farming communities on Pulau Ubin (22 Oct 2020)

Forum Page: Empower people with disabilities to stand as equals (12 Oct 2020)
Reply: Everyone can play a part to boost inclusivity (31 Oct 2020)
What Happened: Mentioned by Member of Parliament Denise Phua (15 Oct 2020)

Forum Page: Can students work for extra cash while on SGUnited Skills scheme? (24 Sep 2020)
Reply: SGUnited Skills trainees can work but must fulfil commitments (29 Sep 2020)
What Happened: Students were no longer told by course providers that they are not allowed to work for extra income


Forum Page: Consider accessibility when banning plastic straws (14 Dec 2018)
What Happened: Plastic straws remain available for disabled people who need them

Forum Page: Revamp how maids are employed (14 Sep 2016)
Reply: Households have options for domestic help (20 Sep 2016)
What Happened: The creation of the Household Services Scheme in 2017