AFAM » Sustainable Solutions

The Action For Autistics Masterplan (AFAM) has 3 main thrusts, with 4 key ideas under each thrust.


A) Community Solutions

A1) Strategic Alliance Non-Profit: working with all stakeholders in an organised manner to create Strategic Change via advocacy

A2) Global Solutions Network: bridging trustworthy changemakers for doing projects and research across nations

A3) Inclusive Ecovillages: bringing different disadvantaged people together with autistics to run self-sustaining farming communities

A4) One-Stop Autism Hub: creating a mutually supportive ecosystem for the autism community


B) Leadership Development

B1) Peer Community Non-profit: developing autistic leaders by getting them to serve the community in a systematic manner

B2) Applied Drama Lab: providing a space where autistics can explore and conceptualise their inner worlds as well as to understand the non-autistic world using applied drama

B3) Talent Investment Foundation: funding to enable high-potential and ambitious autistics to pursue their plans

B4) Campus Clubhouse: providing a sanctuary where autistics can live, learn and work together with supportive people


C) Independent Living

C1) Peer-to-Peer Insurance: providing community insurance for the autism community, especially for those denied insurance coverage due to autism

C2) Freelancer Job Agency: supporting autistics to create sustainable freelance businesses run by themselves instead of working for others

C3) Maverick Academy: facilitating autistics to thrive with an emphasis on real-life experiences, self-directed learning and unconventional problem-solving

C4) Strategic Consultants: recruiting the most talented autistic leaders to create unconventional strategic solutions for the world