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The Campus Clubhouse (CCH) provides a sanctuary where autistics can live, learn and work together with supportive allies. Unlike other proposals for autistic-friendly housing, in Singapore the living space will be small like a space pod hostel in order to keep rental costs low. The units will be soundproofed to help reduce environmental noise and allow activities around the clock without disturbing neighbours.

The lifestyle will be similar to a campus where there will be multiple small sheltered common areas for small teams to congregate. This will be sited with or close to other projects mentioned in the Masterplan whenever possible. It may also run some small businesses that hire autistic employees; the profits of which will help with the upkeep of the clubhouse.

This rental arrangement provides an alternative to paying expensive rental costs in the open market, having to buy housing when one does not have much savings or are living unhappily with family members unwilling to accommodate autistics’ needs.

Residents will not be allowed to stay for free; they must either pay rent, work for their stay or be sponsored by another party. Such work can include providing community services under the Peer Community Non-profit or working in businesses owned by the clubhouse.

In the absence of a more suitable facility, the Campus Clubhouse (CCH) will also act as the Autism Hub of Singapore where all autistic-led public autism events will take place. It will host the headquarters of the Peer Community Non-profit and the Applied Drama Lab. It will also provide a safe space for researchers, artists, social workers and other people of positive intentions access to meet with autistics willing to engage with them. Eventually it may be expanded into the One-Stop Autism Hub.


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