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Singapore is just a tiny city among the 52 territories in Asia. There is a need to form an international organisation that can outlive any single point of failure within the network, as well as to establish synergies with all the other stakeholders of the 3 billion strong Asian population.

The Asian autism community can band together to gain bargaining power via bulk purchases and service contracts. Pre-orders can fund the development of customised solutions for the autism community. Collective pressure can encourage large organisations and governments to take action. Cross-country collaborations building on a web of trusted partners become possible.


  • Developing affordable customised solutions with the help of designers and factories in third-world countries:
    • high-precision location trackers to locate missing children
    • rugged phone and tablet casings to avoid damage to meltdowns
    • mechanical horses for therapeutic home use
    • apps and sensors running on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data that can identify and warn of triggers for meltdowns
  • Establishing a pan-Asia networks funded by philanthropists and investors in first-world countries:
    • peer-to-peer insurance
    • farming community networks/franchises
    • business networks/franchises by autistic entrepreneurs
    • foundation to provide scholarships and seed funding for talented autistics
    • research programmes for bettering the welfare of autistic people
    • watchdog advocacy group to apply pressure on those who harm autistics or damage autism advocacy work
    • lobbying group to get governments to pass a universal set of autism-friendly laws throughout the entire Asia