AFAM » Strategic Issues » 3d) Trans-Autism Alliance

The focus of the autistic community is on how they experience autism and are affected by autism. Expanding this perspective is necessary – autism is just one of the countless causes worldwide that need our attention.

This Alliance is to facilitate both autistic and non-autistic people to work together to utilise their abilities, passion and gifts to contribute constructively to other causes beyond autism. It is only when autistics can work as equals to help solve the problems of mainstream society will their potential be fully realised and recognised.

There are many possibilities for this final portion of the Masterplan. Eric aspires to create an international network of organisations and individuals to bring about world unity and to bring the human race to its next stage of evolution as a space-faring civilisation.

Unconventional strategic thinking is required to solve problems where many have tried and failed before – and autistics might just be that missing ingredient. War, poverty, hunger, sexual abuse, preventable diseases – we will boldly create a new path where no one has gone before.